6 Steps You Can Use to Start an Organic Farm Business

The following written 6 tips can help new startup farmers to successfully start an organic farm business in Nigeria whereby this new agricultural business opportunities can create employment for thousands of Nigerian citizens.

Before the modern-day technology, agriculture has been done in the organic way which means that whatsoever thing such as seeds, fertilizers, pesticides etc. used in any agricultural practice is natural NOT genetically modified because the agricultural produce gotten from organic farming has the essential nutrients and customers don’t need to worry about the effects it can cause.

Starting an organic farm in Nigeria is applicable to every farmer, you can start new with this farming practice and for those already into farming you can gradually make a switch.

• First of all, you have to understand what an organic farm is, it is actually nothing of the ordinary just that you are being restricted to some certain things which you have to strictly adhere in your farming practice. Organic farming is an alternative agricultural system used in the production of both livestock and crops which do not in any way encourage or involve the use genetically modified organisms, fertilizers, growth hormones and even antibiotics in order to keep the crop and the soil in a healthy condition always.

• Decide on what kind of farming or agriculture you want to engage in, make sure you have gained enough capital and knowledge so that you can be able to understand the challenges you can encounter, how to avert it and manage the farming operation very well.

• Get a suitable land depending on the kind of farming business you choose, make sure that the land has a suitable soil for cultivation and sizeable enough for your farming needs. Check the pH value to make sure it’s normal and as well prepare the land using organic manure if the soil composition is not okay.

• Before commencing this kind of farming business practice, there is something you must do, which is, you have to identify yourself with the right agency or organization that is responsible for certifying organic farmers in Nigeria, you can get the right information from them and they will also help you to understand the farming practice and make sure that you adhere to their requirement and rule.

Identify with the Association of Organic Agriculture Practitioners of Nigeria which was formerly Nigerian Organic Agriculture Network, they create awareness on the benefits of organic farming and its practice.

• Get the right seedling specifically from farms which encourage or practices organic farming, remember you should not use genetically modified seeds, therefore to make sure you get the right one you can also request of that from the necessary organization as mention above which will gladly help you in procuring the right organic seedlings.

• Consider how to make your own manure, natural pest, insect and weed control, how to make animal feeds etc., depending on your agricultural practice which will help to reduce the cost which might be incurred in purchasing them. It is very likely that you cannot produce all the feeds, etc., as there are ones which have been done by professionals in the field which includes their medications and vaccines, so why you purchase their essential needs do the best you can to complement the ones you buy.

This kind of farming practice has so many advantages such as being environmental friendly, no worries of harmful effects from chemicals, improve the soil and more but it is pricey because you have to source for natural alternative of whatever you are looking for but yet people do still prefer organic foods and highly sought after it regardless of its price because of its health benefits.


How is organic farming in Nigeria ? Do people in Nigeria want to use organic products? @Everybody

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Thanks so much. Please, I will use your help in subsequent times. I really appreciate this piece information.

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i know nothing about organic product but i love to get enough data on it after my research, but will also need your help please.

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Please house I need help were can I sell my soya beans and the maize I have in height prize

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Organic Farming as I understand it. It is the use of our local fertilizer, such as animal waste, poultry waste to improve our farming land. This is my understanding of Organic farming system.

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This is very interesting. Thanks. But, Please, is it possible to relied only on organic farming system and feed our teaming population? ie whether, we can use it on a large scale farming?

Hello, many thanks for this post. Do you by chance have information on how one can be registered with this association?
Also and although I have created a topic regarding this, I would like to seek professional advice on organic ways I can employ to control pest infestation of my tete vegetables farm. Any useful information would be highly appreciated. Thanks

Hello @maxanochirim…Production of healthy vegetables has been a major challenge over the year due to pest infestation, this articles provides a description of some methods for controlling them organically. I hope this helps

Please read through and feel free to reach out for more assistance :+1:

How can we get the link or be in association with organic practitioners in Nigeria

Hello @benzy … NOAN is a non-governmental organization established to serve as an umbrella body for all stakeholders involved in organic agriculture in Nigeria. Kindly follow them on social media for more information on how you can join or check out this link

I hope this helps :slightly_smiling_face:

How do I make my garden organic?