5 Vegetarian Foods in Nigeria You Should Try

Maintaining a vegetarian diet in Nigeria is not that hard as most of our meals are plant-based. These meals have been vegetarian from the get-go. I am sure you are wondering what the diet plan would look like …lol, we have compiled a list of meals you can actually eat as a vegan. We all know red meat in Nigeria is a big deal in almost all state but for the sake of the aspiring vegetarians amongst us, this article is for you.

Vegetarians are people who do not eat any form of meat. However, while vegetarians tend to consume dairy products and eggs, vegans avoid all animal products, including eggs and dairy. Vegetarian dishes aren’t just pasta and salad like we all think.

Here are some simple vegetarian meals you can prepare at home.

1. Veggie Fried Rice

Gluten-free, easily vegan and very easy to make. This can also pass for people that don’t take vegetables.

2. Beans and Plantain:

Beans and plantain porridge recipe is a meal made up of ripe plantains and beans, it is one of the important staple food in Nigeria, rich in protein and good especially for growing. Easily Vegan as well.

3. Moi Moi:

Moi Moi can be eaten with almost anything. It is made with beans paste and spices. The best thing is that you can add many kinds of filling to it such as boiled egg, even cucumber can be added as well. If you want your Moi Moi to be completely vegan, you can have it completely plain. If you make a main meal like jollof rice or fried rice and skip the meat, you can use Moi Moi to complement the meal as protein.

4. Vegetable Spaghetti and Boiled Plantain:

This can also be called “Plantain Pasta” which is suitable for vegetarians because it’s nutrient defense i.e food that is high in nutrients but relatively low in calories. Try it.

5. Mushroom Stir-fry:

Mushroom stir-fry is done basically by using mushroom in your stir fry instead of shrimp or chicken. This is a good vegetarian option, with pasta or rice. Easily vegan as well.

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