5 Natural Alternatives for Your Favorite Makeup Products

Everyone who wears make-up knows that cosmetics can get really pricey. It now becomes really annoying when the product is not as good as the price. As a result of this, beauty lovers have started creating a natural product with daily fruits to avoid heartache.

Because of the limited access to some cosmetic products in terms of prices, coupled with the fact most facial cosmetic products are made up of synthetic ingredients and potentially harmful chemical products, some people have discovered alternatives using with daily fruits to arrive at the same result.

If you’d like to keep things easy, cheap and simple, here are a few edible items that can be used naturally or when repurposed made into beauty products.

1. Lemon

This is mostly used in the absence of a face-cleanser. Lemon contains antibacterial properties suitable for the face. It also acts as a natural exfoliator. The skin type is very important when applying this because it also contains acidic properties which can irritate the skin. To avoid this, consider your skin type before trying this out.

Other body beauty uses for lemon includes, elbow and knee lightener, lip exfoliator, teeth whitening, blackhead treatment…

2. Blackberries

Blackberry contains a pinkish, slightly dark berry that can be used naturally as a lipstick. To apply, take one fresh blackberry or let a frozen blackberry thaw for five minutes, then rub a bit of the juice on your lips, and there you have it!

They look as good as they taste and they’re super easy to apply. Blackberry can also be used as a facial blush, eyeshadow or to darken the brows.

3. Cherries

Just like blackberry, cherry can also pass as a lipstick. Cool right?

Cherries have more of a wine-toned colour than blackberries, so they can also serve as a lovely blush if you applied moderately.

To make a blush with cherries, use a couple of frozen cherries and let them thaw. Then, dab your index and middle finger of your predominant hand in the juice, and dip just slightly enough to get some colour on them and apply to your face.

4. Cacao

It is believed that cacao is the purest form of chocolate and may be higher in antioxidant and minerals than other varieties. Cacao promotes strong, and colourful skin due to the way they enhance blood flow to prevent a pale complexion.

However, as delicious as cacao may be, you can also use it topically either as a natural eyeshadow or even a light bronzer(Shimmer). To make darker eyeshadow using cacao, simply use the cacao powder without adding arrowroot (the starch obtained from the rhizomes of a tropical plant). Dab a cotton swab in some water and then in some cacao powder., dust off any excess on the swab or roll the wet swab directly onto the powder so it gets a nice, thick texture, then apply.

You can create an even darker shade by mixing a small amount of charcoal or simply throw in the tiniest bit of mica powder for extra shimmer.

It can also be used as a foundation powder ( same process as the eyeshadow). The only difference is by adding the arrowroot until you reach your desired shade.

5. Raspberries

Raspberry like all fruits contains a complex mixture of organic products. Its pleasant aroma is seen used in making perfumes, cosmetics, and also, a food additive.

It has a pretty pinkish colour that you can use both as a lip product like blackberries, a blush like cherries, or even as a pretty eyeshadow colour. Apply them just like you would with blackberries and cherries, either frozen or fresh.

Smashing them a bit with your finger first before applying will help release some of their natural juice.

These are natural facial products you can use for better and healthy skin. Cool right?

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