4 Tips on Fertilizer Application

The soil often needs other nutrients to thrive well and increase its productivity that is why we apply fertilizer. We have different types of fertilizer based on the type of crop, application spot and time/period of application during planting.

Here are some basic tips for fertilizer application;

  1. Get your fertilizer from a reputable source. Ensure that you get your fertilizer from the right source. One thing to keep in mind is that your supply must contain a balanced supply of essential nutrients.

  2. Application of fertilizer must be done at the right time. You should know when and when not to apply fertilizer to your plant. Make the nutrified fertilizers available when plants need them during various planting stages.

  3. Application of the right quantity of fertilizer. Ensure you are using the appropriate proportion of fertilizer required for that stage and the crop. If it is overly applied, it can burn the plant, surpress the productivity and/or kill the plant. You should know when the plant needs the nutrients, and when are they available for uptake.

  4. Application at the right place. Ensure that you put the nutrient where the plant can use them. It could be on the soil, leave, root e.t.c. Study your plant closely and know the exact places to apply the fertilizer.