4 Exotic Pig Breeds Recommended for Commercial Pig Farming

Do you know that it starting a commercial pig farm with a poor breed is a wrong thing to do and would affect your ROI negatively? Do you know that it is not all breeds of pig that are good for piggery business In case you do not know: the breed(s) you choose for your new pig farm is one of the vital determinants of your monetary profits apart from feeding and housing. When you are not making enough profits, how would you expand your pig farm and make it bigger?

Some pig breeds are poor feed converters, have low mature body weights and poor carcass quality, produce small litters and attain maturity late. These are some of the characteristics of pigs that are bad for [pig farming business. So if you want to start a pig farm, begin with mixes of the following exotic breeds of pig:

1. Large White

Breed Characteristics: This breed is entirely white in colour, but they have freckles (black pigment spots). A Large White pig has a moderately long head, have a slightly dished face and a broad snout. Its neck is fine, long and evenly full to shoulders with deep and wide chests. Additionally, they have long, level and wide back. Mature boars have weights between 300 kg and 450kg and mature sow weighs between 250 kg and 350 kg. Large White pigs possess good carcass quality. The breed is highly prolific and an efficient feed utilizer.

large white pig breed

Large White Pig

2. Landrace

Breed Characteristics: This breed is also white in colour with freckles. It is known to have long, deep side; relatively short legs; square ham; heavy lop ears; trim jowl. It has leaner carcass than meat as well as less back fat and lard. Landrace breed is highly prolific and an efficient feed utilizer. A mature male weighs as high as 380 kg and mature sow weighs up to 320 kg.

landrace pig breed

Landrace Pig

3. Duroc

Breed Characteristics: The breed is moderately red coloured with shades varying from a golden to cherry red colour. Duroc pig is well-known to have excellent weight gain rate and as a high feed converter. The sow matures early, produces large litter (up to 15 piglets) and fair mothering ability. Have good carcass quality and body weights of about 400 kg and 350 kg for mature boar and mature sow respectively.

duroc pig breed

Duroc Pig

4. Poland China

Breed Characteristics: Poland China pig is black in colour with white patches on face, feet and snout. It has large body size and floppy ears. It has strong bone and well-developed legs and feet. It is prolific (produce 16 – 17 piglets per farrow) and good meat and carcass quality. It is also a good converter of feed to meat and attains maturity early. A mature boar weighs between 250 kg and 360 kg and mature sow weighs between 225 kg and 300 kg.

Poland China breed

Poland China Pig

The breeds of pig discussed above can be gotten from a standard pig farm or breeders. Although, the breed may not be pure but they would still retain most of the characteristics and qualities discussed above. Posting a recommended source for these breeds would be free advertisement:). No, I would not want to do that without being paid. Nevertheless, you can get in touch with me if you want to buy one or two of these breeds. I will guide you.

Source:Livestocking Net

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