3in1 Business MasterClass: Strawberry, Apple Farming, and Food Stuff Businesswoman

From knowing the right species for our Nigeria weather, to taking the right right step on how, and where start their food stuff business, these are some of the few problems faced by individuals who want to come into the Strawberry/Apple Farming, and the food stuff business world.
It is no longer a secret that strawberries could be grown grown all over Nigeria, together with its counterpart Apple, or food stuffs are cheaper in the north compared in the north, compared to other parts of the country. The question is how to partake of the national cake.
We “CheapMarketDeal” present “3in1 Business MasterClass”. An opportunity for you to have all your questions answered, and learn how to properly manage/start your own journey in the above topics.
What Is 3in1 Business MasterClass?
This is an initiative of Cheapmarketdeal, to enlighten Nigerians on the wealth in exotic crop farming, an area which hasn’t been fully exploited in Nigeria, or the food stuff line of business. Exotic crops like Apple, Strawberry could be grown all over Nigeria, with our years of experience.
What Areas Are We Covering
In this edition of 3in1 Business MasterClass, we shall be focusing on,
-Strawberry Farming
-Apple Farming
-Food Stuff Business

Strawberry Business: Very little is known about this crop cultivation in Nigeria. With difference ranging from cultivation pattern, to species, management issues. We at cheapmarketdeal believe we don’t need to pay much to get this crop, and can also leverage on the wealth hidden in this ranging from sales of seedlings, to sales of fruits, we shall be working you through the do and don’ts of Strawberry farming.

Apple Farming: Here, we will be exposing the secret in Wambugu variety of Apple farming in details. From Planting to Management. The ignorance of the variety of Apple that could be grown in Nigeria, will be stopped.

Foodstuffs Business:
Here, we will be looking how best to start the sales of food stuffs, including how to visit the north, or without you visiting the north, with special emphasis to Benue and Taraba States. How best for you to leverage on the closed boarders to fill in the vacuum in supply, while still making profit. We will be teaching 3 foodstuff business you could start with less than 100k.

After The Training What Next?
We will be providing 150 days of online mentorship, to candidates, while also provide seedlings of apple, and strawberries at very reduced rates, including their seeds.

How To Partake
The training hold from the 4th-8th Nov. 2019, and the venue is WhatsApp. Cost is 2100 naira.
You could join the interdictory classes on 3rd Nov. 2019 through the following groups
Group 1:https://chat.whatsapp.com/E8IdUb1S6dVKuGJtGesIWW
Group 2:https://chat.whatsapp.com/LHVN3lO2fD26qOgKfFUsZK
Or pay for the masterclass via:bit.ly/decagromasterclass
Call or WhatsApp 08134700705
Or to know more about us visit: bit.ly/decagro