2 Major Ways To Successfully Market Your Grasscutters

To have a successful business means to have a successful marketing strategy in place.

Marketing is the activity of getting potential customers to give you their time so you can show them whatever it is you are selling. To make money you must sell something. But the process that you have in place for getting potential customers to give you their attention so you can sell to them must be SHARP or you will just be wasting your time.


So what are the 2 ways you can use to market your Grasscutters?

You either market offline or you market online. I market my Grasscutters online and offline, but my online marketing activities is responsible for about 90% of my revenue. For marketing offline, you can mount billboards at strategic places where there is a lot of your target audience. You can get spots at trade fairs and showcase your Grasscutters. You can go and speak to people in co operatives, unions (if they are your target customers), events etc, and sell your Grasscutters from the platforms(please don’t sound so salesy).

Online, you can use Content marketing and Paid Traffic to get the attention of your target audience. You can advertise on Facebook, on google, yahoo, online newspapers and magazines. Some content
marketing strategies you can also use are; Thought leadership, blogging, community building, influencer outreach, online press releases, etc.

If you do not have any marketing strategy in place i advice you to pick from the ones i mentioned above and create your marketing strategy, if not you will have to eat all your Grasscutters by yourself (don’t forget to send me one) and also stand the risk of becoming pregnant with Grasscutters because of the consumption (just joking).

Source: Portablefarm

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