$170,000 in Grant! Apply for Sustainable Mobility Challenge 2019 from Sweden


Deadline: Tuesday, February 26, 2019.

Sustainable Mobility Challenge from Sweden is an initiative by the Swedish Energy Agency in co-operation with Swedish Incubators, Science Parks and other organisations, established to encourage cooperation in innovation procurement, testing and implementation.

Under this challenge, entrepreneurs have access to investors as well as the opportunity to commercialise their sustainable solutions.

Sustainable Mobility Challenge seeks to promote challenge-driven innovations that support public and private organisations. The goal is to accelerate the shift towards a zero carbon, growth economy.


  • $170,000 will be allocated by the Swedish Energy Agency to accelerate market in cash awards (three grants of $56,672 each
  • All applicants will get exposure to potential investors, changemakers, and our other stakeholders.
  • The winners of Sustainable Mobility Challenge will, however, have access to legal and financial expertise, as well as experts on the Swedish transport system, facilitating an entrance on the Swedish market.

For more information visit agricsquare.com


Hello, Im Tunde from Ondo City Nigeria,pls, I want to partake in energy building capacity and sustainability. I also want to benefit from this grant of #170000. Let me be enrolled.


Please can you send the link so we can apply


My name is reuben and i am interested. Please can you send the link so that i can also pertake in this great opportunity?