15 Pictures Of Misspelled Food Names That Would Have You Reeling With Laughter

Have you ever visited a party or a restaurant, and you see the names of food items or labels being misspelled? The effrontery. And every time this happens I bet your first instinct would be to laugh because these words can be pretty hilarious and rib-cracking.

So we went snooping around the internet to find 15 pictures of food items and labels that was misspelled. Get ready to have a good laugh this morning.

1 . Mini Doughnuts misspelled as Mini Dognuts? Really? Ugh!!

2. Oh no, not Chicken Pox on a food menu. Not Chicken Pox Pie… Who’s going to order and eat that?

3 . We never knew the past tense of Shrimp existed till we bumped into this picture. We can’t stop laughing…

There is a lot more right here.


@Everybody must see this too… I couldn’t stop laughing after seeing these pictures. :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

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