100 Hectare New Farm Project

Hello Everyone,

My name is Kolawole Osafehinti. I work with a company with a slightly large land holding in Ogun state Nigeria looking to start up a 100 hectare farm with focus on short and medium term crops. I’m looking for partners to offer technical input as well as equity investment. Hoping I can connect with like minds here for this.



Hello Kola, I’m Oluwaseun and I’m thinking I can be of help, a d I’m presently in Abeokuta.

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Thanks for reaching out Seun. Much appreciated. How would you like to come in?

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Hello Kola. Am interested. Email me ASAP williamsgift8@gmail.com. let’s discuss further

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Thank you kola for your reaching out.

I would be willing to offer my skills and resources as much as I can.

Just let me know what is needed and lets see how it would turn out.

Do have a great day.

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That’s great to know Seun. Could you give some details as to skills and experience as that will help. I’m also looking for people with experience in agro commodity trading - sourcing, holding, marketing and order fulfillment.

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I’m an agricultural engineer by profession, thus anything agric &
engineering, count me in. And I also have a number of friends / colleagues
in different agricultural fields, so it depends on the needs.

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Interesting. I am very critical about experience - there are just some things that can’t be learnt unless through doing - which is especially true for agriculture. Could you share some of yours, if you don’t mind?

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Well, let me do the most recent findings I found out and a resolve I’ve arrived at.

I look forward to a time nearby where consumers come to buy all they need directly from the farmers/first hand personnel, because its the transfer of goods from several middle men that real cause the rise in cost of agric produce.

Perhaps agricsquare would consider that as a near future project of having farms in most/all states.

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gGood day Mr. Kola. I do have a special interest your proposal. How feasible is your project?

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