10 Tips to Eat More Vegetables

Want to eat more vegetables? Here are some tips that will help you to eat a variety of vegetables.


  1. Plan some vegetable main dishes each week such as a stir fry or soup.
  2. Add, add, add vegetables! There are so many ways you can add vegetables to your current dishes - add vegetables to pizza, thicken soups and stews with cooked, pureed vegetables such as potatoes, and add chopped vegetables to spaghetti sauce.
  3. For the original fast food, choose vegetables as snacks. Cut up carrots travel well and can be eaten “on the run.”
  4. Plan to eat salads as main dishes each week.
  5. Use a dipping sauce or low-fat dressing for raw vegetables. Or try roasted vegetables – roasting gives vegetables a richer, sweeter flavor.
  6. Want to get your children to eat more vegetables? Have them choose vegetables to buy at the grocery store. They can also be involved in preparing them at home.
  7. Remember your beans! They add new flavors, colors, and textures to salads and other dishes.
  8. Make it easy! Have pre-cut vegetables available at work and at home in the refrigerator. Make the healthy choice the easy choice.
  9. Try frozen vegetables. Just zap and eat!
  10. Visit your local farmer’s market to get good buys. You might learn about some new vegetables you haven’t tried!
    Source: Extension