10 Health Benefits of Neem Leaves and Medical Uses

Neem tree popularly known as “dogon yaro” in Hausa language is an important tree which many value because the leaves of this tree are highly medicinal.

Neem leaves are popular leaves in the naturopathic world; for centuries they have and are still being used to treat a wide range of sicknesses. They are highly loaded in powerful phytochemicals that are effective in treating diseases.

Oil can be extracted from the leaves and this oil is used for medicinal purposes to treat illnesses; the leaves can be dried and used as a pest repellant. In India, the flowers are used in cooking.

The most popular way neem leaves are taken as medicine is by boiling them; some fresh neem leaves are gotten and boiled in a pot of water, then it is left to get cold after which it is sieved and honey added for taste, then it can be taken throughout the day and continued daily until recovery.

Top 10 Benefits of Neem Leaves

The neem leaves tea is used in the treatment of many diseases; from the smallest like headache to the biggest. We will be looking at ten health benefits of neem leaves.

  1. Detoxification

These leaves are powerful in detoxifying the body; this is due to their rich content of powerful antioxidants and phytonutrients. They help to get rid of toxins, waste products and foreign elements in the body. The leaves also boost the functions of the liver and kidneys, these are the major organs of elimination in the body. They are also capable of eliminating germs, dead skin cells, dust, microbes and grime from the skin because the body also eliminates waste products from the skin through sweat.

This helps in keeping the body clean and free of toxins; too much toxins can lead to serious diseases and complications in the body. Neem tea can be taken daily for detoxification; the leaves can also be made into paste by pounding them in a mortar with pestle, this paste can be applied on affected skin part and left for sometimes like 15 minutes before washing with soap and warm or lukewarm water.

  1. Effectively Treats Malaria

These leaves are commonly used in the treatment of malaria, fever and typhoid in Northern Nigeria; they are effective in bringing down very high temperature and they reduce the severity of the diseases. They have powerful antibacterial and antimicrobial properties which make them effective in killing the pathogens and enhancing recovery. The leaves of neem are also used to repeal mosquitoes which are the carriers of plasmodium, the parasite that causes malaria.

Neem tea is given to sick patients many times a day till they fully recover.

  1. They Fight Infections

These leaves are rich in antibacterial, antifungal and other antimicrobial properties; they are used to treat sexual transmitted infections, skin infections, wound infections, athlete’s foot and other infections caused by microbes.

Neem tea can be taken daily; the paste can also be applied to affected skin part, the oil can also be used by applying it directly to the infected site. They act fast, hasten healing, strengthen the immune system and leave the skin intact.

  1. Treats Skin Problems

Neem tea are effective in treating skin problems like acne, psoriasis, dermatitis, eczema and skin infections; the paste gotten from pounding neem leaves with mortar and pestle can also be applied directly on the affected skin part. Their antimicrobial properties can even kill the microbes behind these skin conditions while their rich nutrients and phytochemicals repair damaged skin and restore the skin to its original state.

Neem paste is also used in clearing scars, wrinkles, fine lines, saggy skin, age spots, acne spots, and signs of aging. This is possible because the leaves are rich in astringent properties; they also have fatty acids and rich content of vitamin E which is very good for the skin.

  1. Fight Inflammation

Inflammation is behind many chronic diseases and health problems; neem tea helps reduce and prevent inflammation. This tea is used to treat arthritis patients and to relief the symptoms of arthritis; the paste or oil can be applied to the aching joint and muscles, this will reduce the symptoms, pain and discomfort, and if used daily, it can increase the flexibility of the joints.

  1. Prevents Oral Protection

Neem leaves protects and improves oral health; its antimicrobial properties guides against gum disease, mouth odor, tooth decay and other oral problems. You can take the tea daily if you have any oral problem while the neem leave paste can be applied to your gum and teeth and left for some minutes before rinsing it off.

It is a popular ingredient in many natural toothpaste, mouth washes and other oral health products.

  1. Helps Digestion

Neem leaves help the body to digest foods properly; they prevent and treat digestive problems and reduce inflammation in the gastrointestinal tracts. This helps in treating and preventing ulcers and other digestive disease or disorders like cramping, bloating and constipation.

Neem tea is used to heal stomach flu and to destroy microbes that can cause infections in the stomach and gut; they also protect healthy bacteria in the gut.

  1. Treats Diabetes

Neem leaves ensures that there is sufficient amount of insulin in the body; this helps to prevent and treat diabetes, it also helps those with diabetes to reduce their dependence on insulin.

  1. Natural Birth Control

The leaves of neem are natural spermicides and therefore are used in preventing pregnancy naturally. It reduces the chances of conception in both sexes without side effects or causing any harm to the body. It is even said that these leaves can reduce fertility levels without reducing libido or sexual urge. So, those who want to reproduce should avoid these leaves except when taking it for serious illnesses.

  1. Prevent Chronic Diseases

These leaves are nutritious, they supply the body with essential nutrients to keep it healthy and functioning optimally; they are also rich in antioxidants which help to fight diseases and prevent oxidative damage and stress. These antioxidants can also fight cancer and stop the growth of tumors; they also help in keeping the heart healthy and the cardiovascular system unobstructed and clean.